WO Responses for Birthday girl!

After sharing the little moment with WO uncles the responses started to come in. Here are some…

Pamoldar : bhai jadu ki jhapi de diyo bachi ko chacha ki taraf se. ;D


this is sweet! gave my last sMerits to Thermos MS’s micgoossens and fillippone but now I regret it. 😉

Uncle Gyrsur

Uncle Gyrsur gone far and created a new topic only for Bitcoin Girl. Thank you.

I made a thread for you because in some hours your post is lost in WO abyss forever.

This is what he had:

A sweet little girl had her first birthday but her wallet address is empty. Give her a good start in this dark world. Make her happy with some SAT’s. 😉

And a response from a random user called bravesoldier. Thank you uncle bravesoldier.

crazy, 1 donation of 0.005 Happy Birthday


Back to WO again. Uncle Lambie Slayer had something to say too.

One of the best posts I’ve ever seen. 🙂

Lambie Slayer

Thanks to all uncles for the wish and sweet words. For a one year little girl it means a lot. 🥰

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