Selecting the domain name

Dad wanted a good domain name to keep everything in one place for Bitcoin Girl as a complete website. So a domain name needed and Dad asked recommendation from WO uncles.

This was the original thought:

I am thinking about a project for my baby girl. All the coins will be there until she turns out 18 (HODL!). Once she will be 18 then I will give her the private key.

However, I will keep the passphrase somewhere safe just in case of any accident so that she can find it if I am not here anymore for her.

Can someone find a good domain name with .me TLD?

She is Sarah. She is my bitcoin girl. I want something combined with her name and bitcoin. I am thinking about a journal type blog for her. I will maintain the blog and whatever the fund, until she is old enough to handle them for her own. On every birthday I will leave her special messages and everyone can wish her there too.

Imagine one day my girl will be old enough to realize how her dad and his brothers in bitcoin community kept her in mind always on there way. Those who has kids I know you can feel my emotion. 

I want my girl to grow up with Bitcoin culture and be a Bitcoiner too.


Uncle VB1001 was the first one to response.

Good idea, although I would avoid leaving the Bitcoin address on the blog, about the domain name:


Uncle d_eddie suggested to keep the name out from the domain name and daddy understands it.

I’d keep the Sarah bit out of the main hostname, but maybe it’s just me…


Uncle Gyrsur had some concerns too but about someone else to register the domain name, just in case.

^^man do private message or a domain grabber will register all sugestions and sell it for BTC to Pamoldar. 😉


So, considering everything we came to this point that let’s have a domain name with .club TLD and without any Nike name with it. And BitcoinGirl.Club officially started.

Thanks to all WO uncles to inspire and being a part of the selection process. It was not easy at all.

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