Uncle X and Uncle LFC – First Ever Bitcoin Gift.

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It was a full of surprising day. My Bitcoin Girl got attention from someone for sure. Let’s call them Uncle X. This mystery uncle donated 0.0021 BTC out of nowhere. This was first ever Bitcoin gift for my girl. Well technically 2nd because the first one was from no one but daddy πŸ₯°

Daddy woke up and was doing his usual things. While working, he noticed a notification about receiving bitcoins. Curious Daddy checked everywhere (mostly in WO) to find if anyone left any note about it but there were nothing. This uncle X sent the sats and never even bothered to disclosed his name. Daddy was so happy to see the love for his girl. Thank you uncle X. Your love will be remembered. 😘

But it did not stop there. Daddy was happy about it and shared it on WO. Uncle LFC seen the post and he decided to surprise daddy again with the same amount of bitcoins. The only difference is that this time daddy knows the sender. Uncle LFC wrote:

What’s her bitcoin address? I will send her a little.

Edit – Found it, I will match the mystery Uncle donation of 0.0021

Edit 2 – Done, see 0.0021 extra in her address – https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/address/bc1q4qasfuyg2x3cvygaperrcqau5tt6qxqejwdl5u

Happy Birthday – From Uncle LFC πŸ˜€


Thanks for the love uncle LFC. You are awesome 😘

These sats are staying there until my Bitcoin Girl is old enough to handle them. πŸ€—

Selecting the domain name

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Dad wanted a good domain name to keep everything in one place for Bitcoin Girl as a complete website. So a domain name needed and Dad asked recommendation from WO uncles.

This was the original thought:

I am thinking about a project for my baby girl. All the coins will be there until she turns out 18 (HODL!). Once she will be 18 then I will give her the private key.

However, I will keep the passphrase somewhere safe just in case of any accident so that she can find it if I am not here anymore for her.

Can someone find a good domain name with .me TLD?

She is Sarah. She is my bitcoin girl. I want something combined with her name and bitcoin. I am thinking about a journal type blog for her. I will maintain the blog and whatever the fund, until she is old enough to handle them for her own. On every birthday I will leave her special messages and everyone can wish her there too.

Imagine one day my girl will be old enough to realize how her dad and his brothers in bitcoin community kept her in mind always on there way. Those who has kids I know you can feel my emotion.Β 

I want my girl to grow up with Bitcoin culture and be a Bitcoiner too.


Uncle VB1001 was the first one to response.

Good idea, although I would avoid leaving the Bitcoin address on the blog, about the domain name:



Uncle d_eddie suggested to keep the name out from the domain name and daddy understands it.

I’d keep the Sarah bit out of the main hostname, but maybe it’s just me…


Uncle Gyrsur had some concerns too but about someone else to register the domain name, just in case.

^^man do private message or a domain grabber will register all sugestions and sell it for BTC to Pamoldar. πŸ˜‰


So, considering everything we came to this point that let’s have a domain name with .club TLD and without any Nike name with it. And BitcoinGirl.Club officially started.

Thanks to all WO uncles to inspire and being a part of the selection process. It was not easy at all.

WO Responses for Birthday girl!

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After sharing the little moment with WO uncles the responses started to come in. Here are some…

Pamoldar : bhai jadu ki jhapi de diyo bachi ko chacha ki taraf se. ;D


this is sweet! gave my last sMerits to Thermos MS’s micgoossens and fillippone but now I regret it. πŸ˜‰

Uncle Gyrsur

Uncle Gyrsur gone far and created a new topic only for Bitcoin Girl. Thank you.

I made a thread for you because in some hours your post is lost in WO abyss forever.

This is what he had:

A sweet little girl had her first birthday but her wallet address is empty. Give her a good start in this dark world. Make her happy with some SAT’s. πŸ˜‰

And a response from a random user called bravesoldier. Thank you uncle bravesoldier.

crazy, 1 donation of 0.005 Happy Birthday


Back to WO again. Uncle Lambie Slayer had something to say too.

One of the best posts I’ve ever seen. πŸ™‚

Lambie Slayer

Thanks to all uncles for the wish and sweet words. For a one year little girl it means a lot. πŸ₯°

WO Celebration

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Dad decided to share the moments with WO family.

There will be a small session between me and my bitcoin girl, exclusively for WO brothers. Of course you lot are one of the part of my world too.


And then this was made.

There you go!

Short session only for WO!


Wall Observer uncles are great! Check out the responses in the next post.

1st Birthday!

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Bitcoin Girl turned one year old today. Daddy is launching this blog to celebrate her birthday. The blog will grow up as she does. Once she will become old enough to manage it, she will get access of the admin panel.

I wish all the best to my Ms Daddy πŸ₯°